Welcome to Katana-kaji websites presenting activities of Jswords company. We mainly deal with custom made Japanese swords and knives. Our swords are made mostly by traditional technologies. These include steel making, smith-like folding and welding of the steel, hand-forging of the blade, hardening of the blade to HAMON. Then follows a hand-making of koshirae for  the sword and a traditional way of polishing of the blade on stones.


Besides the traditionally made swords we also make swords from homogenous modern steel suitable for Iaido and Tameshigiri practice.


To certain extend we also make kitche n knives and hunting knives


On this websites you can visit a gallery of finished swords, you can have a look on current offer of swords for sale and also find a source of information on Japanese sword. There is a glossary with pictures, authorial articles, photo gallery about making Japanese sword and its accessories and many others. In the future we will extend the content and by adding more information and photos.

Thank you for visiting and sharing.

Katana kaji Pavel Bolf and colleagues.



On Stream.cz you can find a new part of Ničení povoleno (Destruction permitted) series about Japanese swords with Pavel Bolf and testing one of his works by Jan Benes. The testing is performed in form of tameshigiri on various objects - a rope, straw mats, beef knee and a kevlar vest ona piece of beef ribs. The testing took place in indoor shooting range with low ceilings and iron ropes and traverse beams even lower, the combination of which made difficulties during cutting.